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Your booking is an acknowledgement that you have read, understand and agree to the terms below.

  • Rental Term. Studio can be rented on an hourly basis with no minimum.  Half day and full day terms are available at a reduced rate.


  • Booking and Fees.  You can book on line and fee is payable at the time of booking.  Rates are $25 per hour with no minimum.  Half day rate is $95 (5 hours) and a full day rate is $175 (11 hours).  Rates are for up to 8 guests.  Please call for billing rate for additional guests.

  • Equipment Usage.  You can use lights, triggers, props, make up area etc.  In front shooting area, you should feel free to move furniture and props to satisfy your creative genius.  We simply ask that you return everything back to the original location once completed.

  • WIFI.  Pass code will be given once booked.

  • Smoking.  No smoking is allowed at any time including e-cigarettes.

  • Food and Alcohol.  Please advise if you plan to bring in food and/or alcohol.

  • Friends and guests.  You are responsible for your friends and guests.  Please do not bring in people who you do not know or who you know cannot be trusted.

  • Damages.  Prior to each rental we do a thorough inspection of the facility and equipment to ensure that everything is in working order to ensure you have a successful event.  If at the beginning of your rental, you find that something is not in good working order, please bring it to our attention immediately.  Any damage identified once your session has begun will be your responsibility whether the damage is done by you or your guests. 

  • Scheduling:  Book your session on our calendar.  Sessions are available on the hour.  We will allow you access to the facility 15 minutes prior to your start time and allow you 15 minutes after your session to pack up your things.  In the evet you go over, an additional hour will be added.